Acuvue RevitaLens Solution 100 ml

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Acuvue RevitaLens multipurpose disinfecting solution

Acuvue RevitaLens is a multipurpose contact lens solution manufactured by Johnson and Johnson. This solution keeps your lenses comfortable and clean, and delivers exceptional disinfection. Suitable for all types of soft contact lenses.

Acuvue RevitaLens is an all-in-one solution. This means it can be used to disinfect, clean, rinse, remove protein and moisturise your lenses. When you’re not wearing your lenses, this solution is also used for storage.

This small travel-sized package also includes a case for cleaning and storing contact lenses.

Exceptional disinfection combined with high tolerability

Acuvue RevitaLens is extremely effective at removing deposits and eliminating germs and bacteria. It manages to provide peroxide quality disinfection! However, its use is still similar to other multipurpose solutions: quick, safe and easy.
Despite all its active ingredients, this solution remains gentle on the eyes, providing consumers with comfort and a fresh feeling every morning.

Acuvue RevitaLens achieves the best results when used with Johnson and Johnson Acuvue contact lenses.

Producători: Johnson and Johnson
Tipul soluției: Universali
Volum: 100 ml
Termen de valabilitate: minim 12 de luni
Valabil după desigilare: 3 luni
Conține hialuronat de sodiu: Nu
Conservanți: Da
O alternativă

Soluție Gelone 100 ml

  • cu hialuronat de sodiu
  • ideal chiar și pentru ochii sensibili
  • curăță și îngrijește lentilele
Preț: 18.00 Lei
O alternativă


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